About QueerWise

Queerwise MembersQueerWise is a writing collective and spoken word performance group comprised of out lesbian and gay seniors living in Los Angeles. The artistic troupe has gained a reputation for their literary merit while capturing the zeitgeist of their generation.

Created in 2011, under the instruction and direction of Michael Kearns, QueerWise has created several pieces that have been performed throughout the Los Angeles area. "Everyone carries a valuable story that deserves to be witnessed," Kearns says. He has presented theatricalized storytelling events since the early days of the AIDS crisis. "Seniors have often been made invisible—especially in the LGBT community, and their voices need to be heard."

Produced by David LeBaron and Andrew Henkes at Akbar, QueerWise began 2014 with the proverbial bang: Love & Sex & Rights of Passion, a valentine of a performance piece that presented their authentic voices, expressing longing and sensuality.

In 2013, Bodytext posed the question: "What does the body say to us as we age?" Never reticent to approach complex emotional issues, QueerWise premiered Bodytext at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, followed by a weekend run at the venerable Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica. The troupe was then invited to perform Scary Stories as part of the Noho Lit Crawl. The concluded the year with Homos For The Holidays at Spirit Studio, celebrating their work in a literary holiday event with fans and friends.

QueerWise MembersOther performances have included: Boom, Boom, Boomers and a Boy Named Joe (Akbar, Apt. 3F), Fuclosure (LA Gay and Lesbian Center and, subsequently, the Spirit Studio as a benefit for the Lambda Literary Foundation), Mid-Life Sentence (Akbar, Apt. 3F and Writers at Work) and Late Awakenings (Skylight Theatre's INKubator series). The group was also invited to present at Poets and Writers: Connecting Cultures Reading (Beyond Baroque) in 2012 and upcoming in 2013.

QueerWise has consistently been supported by Spoken Interludes Next and Poets & Writers through a grant it has received in part from the James Irvine Foundation.

Members of QueerWise include published poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, and playwrights, singers, musicians, social activists, dancers, and actors, artists and teachers. For further info: mkla@att.net.